March 2023 Fairview FAQs
March 2023 Fairview FAQs

Will construction finish on time?

Yes!  Construction is on schedule.  Our all new plumbing, electrical, and chemical management systems that power our pool are all being installed now. We expect the pool replastering and refilling to be completed around the end of March.  Our management company, SCMG, is providing all plaster care for our pool and will be at Fairview throughout March, April, and May for pool reopening and training.

Is Fairview financially stable?

Yes!  Our tennis and pickleball courts are open now and our pool will be open in May.  Although we uncovered more issues in our 60+ year old facility than we originally expected to, our Board is continuously reviewing our financial standing before making decisions.  This means that more than a few “nice to have” projects have been deferred to address hazards and safety-critical repairs.  Members can access Fairview 2022 financial statements under Member Documents in your Membership Dashboard.  Once all construction is complete, we will provide additional updates to members.

What about the loan payments?

On January 15, 2022, Fairview membership voted by email to secure a loan for long overdue capital improvements to our tennis courts and pool facilities.  Fairview secured two 25-year loans: one for $250,000 at a 4.75% interest rate with payments beginning June 2023 and one for $75,000 at a 6.722% interest with payments beginning March 2024. Once these loans are fully withdrawn, our monthly payments will be $1,996.28.  Our Board has identified cost-saving opportunities within existing operating expenses that will more than cover the loan payments.  

Will Fairview have a JSL summer swim team?

Yes! We are actively recruiting energetic and dedicated summer coaches for all ages and levels of seahorses.  If you or someone you know is interested, email

Will this summer at Fairview be different with a Management Company?

Our goal is to keep all the great parts of Fairview this summer while ensuring a safe experience for everyone who spends time here.  With our significant investments, improvements, and upgrades into the pool, chemical, and plumbing systems this year, we are pleased to partner with Swim Club Management Group (SCMG) – a group that has extensive experience in all areas of pool operation.  

SCMG will provide all training and oversight to Fairview lifeguards, managers, and assistant managers in pool safety, water quality, and customer service. Additionally, SCMG will provide all chemical management, facility maintenance support, and emergency facility response. SCMG will ensure that all pool operations remain safe and in compliance with all local and state codes. 

SCMG is committed to actively recruiting previous Fairview employees to work here this summer.  SCMG has already hired six returning lifeguards!  For comparison, last summer we only had one lifeguard hired six weeks before the pool opened.  Also, this summer SCMG will be paying Fairview employees ages 16 and older a starting wage of $15 per hour –  last year the majority of our guards made between $9.25-$9.75 per hour. 

We are excited for our partnership with SCMG and have already been very impressed by their pre-season engagement with our board and representatives.

Click here to apply to work at Fairview and/or email with any questions.

Will the baby and toddler pools be open at Fairview?

Yes!  We have repaired and serviced both of our wading pools.  In alignment with best industry practices, we’ve also installed automated chlorinators at each of the wading pool filters so that chemicals will be added to the water in a safe way.  As part of our contract, SCMG will be responsible for all wading pool monitoring, servicing, and maintenance.  We’re excited to welcome our littlest seahorses!

What happened to the payment plans and Venmo option?

Our Board voted unanimously to discontinue the payment plan option offered with Fairview as it is now an option offered through Paypal when you renew/purchase your membership.  Our Board also voted unanimously to discontinue accepting Venmo payments as our new website and accounting platform allow members more specific tracking of all of their purchases (including at the Snack Shack! We know you’ve been curious how many snowcones your kids can consume in one day at the pool). Members will be able to load their snack shack tabs and will even receive email reminders when their balances get low.  All of these changes allow for more member control of their own accounts and reduce administrative overhead for the Club.

What about Fairview’s partnership with SOCA this summer?

We were approached by SOCA to form a partnership that allows for the use of the Fairview pool for a small part of their full day camp.  Our board voted unanimously to allow the SOCA campers to use the pool in small groups for two 45-minute periods during the mid-afternoon when our membership attendance is usually very low.  The campers will be accompanied by their counselors and will be using the pool facility only, they will not be using any other area at Fairview.  Our board felt that forming this partnership with a neighboring organization would be in the best interest of both groups and allows for future cooperation between our two organizations. Similar to our partnerships with other organizations and clubs (Fairview Diving Team, Dive Connections, etc.), the income that Fairview will receive from this partnership will help to offset operating costs and allow for future capital improvements.  

Why does Fairview have security cameras?

Our Board voted unanimously in October to install upgraded security features as part of our capital improvements in response to reports of theft, trespassing, and misuse of the facility.  Additionally, we are in the middle of major construction projects that involve very expensive equipment and materials.  As a reminder, while our tennis and pickleball courts are open, our clubhouse and pool deck remain closed during this time. 

How do I become involved with Fairview?

Fairview is owned by its members.  We strongly encourage member involvement.  In fact, our members are our most valuable asset. In addition to our Member Volunteer Days, we have many committee opportunities for members including the Swim Team (, Tennis ( ), and Social events ( committees.  Finally, our volunteer Board of Directors has openings every summer as current three-year terms conclude. 

Who is on our volunteer Fairview Board of Directors?

Our volunteer Fairview Board of Directors is comprised of a unique group of Fairview members.  Collectively, our Board has 27 children ranging in ages from 2 to 16 years old.  Our Board spans Fairview membership dating all the way back to 1982 to as recently as 2022.  Your Member Dashboard lists all Fairview Board members along with a link to contact them. We are beginning a new monthly feature with a bio for each of our Board members.  This month, we introduced long time Fairview member and Board member Jennifer Behrens. 

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